How it Works


The Durahub bearing protector is fully tested and proven to protect against damage from water and dirt entering the wheel bearings by sealing the area from outside contaminants. The Durahub creates a controlled environment around the wheel bearing by way of a flexible membrane, which maintains internal hub pressure by expanding and contracting, taking load away from the rear seal.

Durahub Extreme can be used with grease or 80/90W gear oil or combined 80/90W gear oil and grease.

With our unique clear lens, you can easily check it to see if your wheel hub is sealed. If you see water contamination or condensation on the inside of the lens, you need to replace your rear seal immediately before you have bearing failure.


Trailer wheel hubs create tremendous heat under normal travelling conditions. When submerged in water, such as backing a boat into water, the hubs are suddenly cooled. Air inside the hubs contracts and a vacuum is created. Water and dirt are sucked into the hubs through the inner seals and corrosion sets in immediately. From then on, bearing failure can be imminent within 12 months. Failure also occurs when the trailer is overloaded, so ensure the weight is below the limit.