Flexible Membrane Equalises Pressure

The Durahub creates a controlled environment around the wheel bearing by way of a flexible membrane. This flexible membrane maintains internal hub pressure by expanding and contracting, taking load away from the rear seal.

Durahub Extreme has an improved flexible membrane to accommodate greater expansion and contraction while equalizing internal hub pressure in cold, hot or underwater environments.

Easy Installation

The Durahub bearing protector is easy to fit, simply replacing the hub cap, and following our simple step-by-step installation instructions.

The Durahub Extreme pack consists of 2 Durahub Extreme hubcaps. Durahub Extreme can be used with grease or 80/90W gear oil or combined 80/90W gear oil and grease.

Quick Visual Inspection

With our unique clear lens, you can easily monitor lubricant levels, water ingress and contamination at any time.

Maximum Durability

The Durahub bearing protectors can be completely submerged under salt water without fear of corrosive damage. Durahub Extreme is made of High Grade Anodised Alloy.